Please be my hero

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Sometimes I hear hostile opinions that nowadays people became so egocentric and so far away from the real sence of life: to share, to dare... to love... to surprise... to leave smth beautiful behind. When I hear smth like this, I try to remind a story about one Chinese girl. She was 17 and she did not attend school because she was obliged to work in a camp with her parents. She was intelligent girl, a really smart and dynamic person at her age. She was that little touchstone for her community and parents who inspired all them to live and get pleasure. She was so enthusiastic and daring with others. A girl that had no chances to excape ealy from that destiny had a poetic dream. She wanted to visit Brasil. This was to much for her but every night she imagined herself dancing on the Rio de Janeiro street and portaving the images from that great festival. I think that everybody should have such a dream... life worth, such dream .. In one day, persuaded by her cousin she participated in one literature contest. Surprisingly, she became the best young author in China. the winner had a chance to attend the national festival of young poetry authors in Rio de Janeiro! That was her dream! That was her chance... she had no money! She was destroyed! Her brother opened an account and posted her story in newspapers. I was 9 when I heard this story and I was amazed how daring people can be. All the nation supported her and finaly she could achieve her dream. I asked so much my parents to donate some money... I never thought that I would get into the same situation. My dream was to get to the biggest student festival in the world, I waited for many years to have a chance to participate! I won... I hardly realized that I was accepted... it was a lifetime shock! Now my dream may be ruined by the lack of resources, I live in a poor family, in the poorest contry of Europe,Moldova. "Leave your dreams" - how many times I heard this phrase! However, There is smth more... smth which gives me strength and hope! There are people, somewhere... far away ... or maybe just near me... people who can help me to achieve my dream I wish I could help to achieve theirs... but I will do these one day.Now, I need 900$, this is a travel cost which sparates me from dream!I wish I had a chance to speak with you... to show my appreciation for reading my story... or for donating 1 dollar... or for sharing some valuable funds... If you knew how much it means to me.Wish you a happy Merry Cristmas! Thank you...With respectMischin EugeniuBe My http://www.isfit.org/about My account is:Bank CorrespondentBank of New York, New York, USA,SWIFT IRVTUS3NXXXBank aaccount N 8900068027for Banca Sociala,SWIFT BSOCMD2XXXXIN Favour fo Mischin EugeniuAcc. 23747030000076 / 23747030018676Until this moment I collected 21.77 $.I still hope to realize my dream.For people donating who wish to leave comments or any information you could do this on e-mail:bemyhero@mail.md